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Brand DAVID HODGES’ QUICK-CLEAN THE ORIGINAL 1ST QUALITY Item Form Spray, Wipe Scent Linen Specific Uses For Product Pool Table Cloth Cleaning Unit Count 18.0 Ounce Cleans a pool table in less than 60 seconds Extends the life of your cloth by 40-50%, by eliminating the harmful brushing and vacuuming. Safe to use on all…


Product Description

Quick-Clean Felt Cleaner Can - Single

David Hodges’ Quick-Clean Pool Table Felt & Cloth Cleaner

Your Choice For Pool Table Felt Cleaner

David Hodges’ Quick-Clean Felt Cleaner has become the choice for felt and cloth cleaning in the industry. Brushing, vacuuming, damp cloths and household chemicals harm the cloth or require extensive work. Replacing the pool table cloth is costly. Quick-Clean is the answer. If you’re a home owner or a pool room operator, Quick-Clean will save you time and money. Keep your pool table playing surface looking and playing like new!

How It Works

Just Spray it On and wipe it off. That’s it. It takes less than 1 minute to clean any pool table cloth and because it’s a dry-foam cleaner, your table is ready to play immediately.

Is it safe for my cloth?

Absolutely. Quick-Clean will not fade the cloth, and has been used in both the home and the pool room environment for decades to ensure it’s label of 1st Quality. If you had chalk on an nice suit, would you brush it? Of course not, you would dry clean it. So why brush your pool table cloth? Dry clean it with Quick-Clean.


  • Includes 1 Can of Felt Cleaner
  • Clean Your Pool Table In Less Than 60 Seconds
  • Extends The Life Of Your Cloth By 40-50%
  • Safe To Use On All Types & Grades of Pool Table Cloth
  • Brings Older Cloth Back To Its Original Color & Playing Speed
  • Eliminates Table Slide Experienced with New Pool Table Cloths
  • Protect Pockets, Balls, Furniture & Fixtures From Chalk Dust

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Weight 1 kg
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