RACK Luxor 7.5-Foot 4-in-1 Multi-Game Swivel Billiard/Pool Table

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Brand RACK Color Blue Felt with Gray Body Material Engineered Wood Product Dimensions 88″L x 48″W x 32″H Sport Table Tennis Item Weight 543 Pounds Assembly Required Yes Number of Players 2 Base Material Engineered Wood Frame Material Engineered Wood 🎱Table Dimension: 88” L X 48” W X 32” H ✅ 🎱Table Weight: 543 lbs…


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Multi-Game Table Billiard Table Pool Table Swivel Design Blue Felt Gray Body 7.5-Foot Size 4-in-1

Introducing the RACK Luxor 7.5-Foot 4-in-1 Multi-Game Swivel Billiard/Pool Table, the ultimate game table for your home or entertainment space. With three exciting games to choose from, including billiards, table tennis, and hover hockey, this multi-game table offers endless hours of fun and entertainment for players of all ages.

Air Hockey Table Tennis Foosball High-Quality Materials Easy Assembly Accessories Included

Crafted with the highest quality materials and engineering, the RACK Luxor pool table is built to withstand rigorous gameplay and provide exceptional performance. Featuring a stylish gray body and vibrant blue felt, this pool table is not only functional but also visually stunning.

The table is constructed with a sturdy frame and premium K66 cushion rubber for optimal ball rebound and accuracy. The playing surface is made of 1-inch thick MDF and covered with a high-quality, professional-grade felt to ensure smooth and consistent ball roll.

Home Decor Ample Playing Space Consistent Ball Roll Powerful Air Blower Smooth Playing Surface

Switching between games is quick and easy with the unique swivel design, allowing you to simply rotate the playing surface to switch between games. The table tennis conversion top, hover hockey table, and dining table table fit securely on top of the billiard table and include all necessary accessories for each game.

In addition to its superior construction and design, the RACK Luxor pool table also includes a variety of accessories to enhance gameplay, including a set of high-quality billiard balls, four cue sticks, a ball rack, chalk, table tennis paddles and balls, hover hockey paddles and pucks.

Built-in levelers ensure a perfectly flat playing surface, even on uneven floors. Whether you’re hosting a game night or just looking for a fun way to entertain family and friends, the RACK Luxor 7.5-Foot 4-in-1 Multi-Game Swivel Billiard/Pool Table is sure to provide hours of fun and excitement.

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ABS triangle chalk Pool table chalk Billiard chalk Professional pool table chalk

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Table tennis rackets Table tennis paddles Ping pong rackets Ping pong paddles Table tennis bat

Round up the fun with billiard balls!

The RACK pool billiard balls are a set of balls used in the game of pool or billiards. The set includes 16 balls, with one cue ball and 15 object balls numbered 1 through 15. The balls are typically made of a high-quality resin material and have a smooth, glossy finish that allows for easy movement and accurate shots on the table.The pool billiard balls come in various colors, including solids and stripes, to allow for different games and scoring methods.

Chalk it up to success!

The RACK Pool Table comes with an ABS triangle which is durable, high-quality plastic rack used for setting up the 16 billiard balls along with the chalk which helps prevent miscues and enhances accuracy during shots. The brush ensures that it remains smooth and clean for optimal gameplay.

Slide into action with air hockey!

Choosing the right air hockey paddle can significantly impact your playing experience and overall performance, making it essential to find a paddle that suits your playing style and skill level.

Ace your opponent with killer shots and fierce spin!

With its high-speed rallies, incredible spin shots, and nail-biting finishes, table tennis offers a thrilling and exciting playing experience like no other. Whether you’re playing singles or doubles, it’s a game that demands precision and finesse, with every shot presenting a new challenge to overcome. So grab your bat, pick up a ball, and get ready for some high-octane fun with table tennis!

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Blue Felt with 1 Bench, ‎Blue Felt with 2 Bench, Blue Felt with No Benches, Green Felt with 1 Bench, Green felt with 2 Bench, Green Felt with No Bench


‎Blue Felt with Gray Body


‎Engineered Wood

Product Dimensions

‎88"L x 48"W x 32"H


‎Table Tennis

Item Weight

‎543 Pounds

Assembly Required


Number of Players


Base Material

‎Engineered Wood

Frame Material

‎Engineered Wood

Age Range (Description)


Package Weight

‎748 Pounds

Item Dimensions LxWxH

‎88 x 48 x 32 inches

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‎88” L X 48” W X 32” H



Date First Available

May 22, 2022